A natural resource with great potential

Why wood?

Wood is a natural material. It is sourced from specially managed land so that it is renewed. An additional advantage is that it can be easily disposed of at the end of its life.

For the production of window and door joinery, the wood is specially prepared. First, the material undergoes a selection process to select only the highest quality raw material (without knots, greying, etc.). After selection, it is subjected to a drying process and only after this preparation is it glued in three layers, with the rings arranged in opposite directions.

This production method guarantees high resistance to bending and changes in length due to temperature or humidity changes. The timber provides excellent thermal insulation for the frame (k-value of approximately 1.5), thus preventing excessive heat loss from the rooms.

No other raw material is as well suited to joinery as wood. Even today, many flats still have windows made decades ago with inferior technology. Wooden frames do not attract dirt because they are not electrostatically charged, making it very easy to keep them clean.

The wood maintains a pleasant temperature even during large changes in outdoor temperatures. Wooden windows painted with water-based paints make it possible to carry out renovations in-house. If there is mechanical damage, wooden windows can be repaired. Excellent strength, a low coefficient of linear expansion, high resistance and the best insulation properties guarantee a long product life. Wood allows windows or doors to be shaped as desired. Wooden products are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful substances during combustion.

We use pine, spruce, mahogany and oak for our windows. All these types of wood are characterised by high quality and durability, which guarantees a robust and durable window structure.

Of all building materials, timber requires the least energy input for the manufacture, processing and production of components.

Timber for the manufacture of houses.

The excellent properties of wood as a building material have been known to humans for centuries. Wood is the only all-natural raw material that has the characteristics to be used in the construction of houses. Properly selected and prepared timber ensures a durable and stable house structure. In combination with a suitable outer layer, it is highly weatherproof. Wood creates a specific microclimate in the rooms and a feeling of warmth.

We use wood from Scandinavia, which, due to the harsh climate, is characterised by very low growth rates and therefore high hardness. The high hardness of the wood ensures stability, durability and resistance to deformation due to changes in temperature or humidity. (It does not ‘work’ as much as wood from regions south of Scandinavia).

We manufacture houses from two types of wood: spruce and pine. We can also make the house from other species on request. The wood we use is of the highest quality, free of discolouration, blue stain and has few knots (only healthy ones) and is dried to approximately 16% moisture content.