Zuluna – news

ZULUNA programme features

  • High quality product
  • Extensive, defined model programme
  • Well-chosen wood
  • Robust door with glued wooden frames, wooden underlay and 3 fittings
  • Windows and doors with rubber seal, true siliconised glass panes, for 45 mm models optionally with ISO panes and DIN direction to the right.
  • For 45 mm profile doors with a door height of 194 cm, optionally also available in 28/33 mm models.
  • Window with POL hardware (2-hand Tilt&Turn)
  • Straight gabled panels, 19 mm roof formwork.
  • All floors with 19 mm formwork (optional accessories) have a milled, closed foundation frame all around
  • Other accessories: shingles, gutters and EPDM membranes with drainage kits
  • All floor plan dimensions are external wall dimensions. The models on these pages are supplied unfinished (unpainted, no roofing). The images on these pages may show special accessories that are not included in the scope of supply.


  • Colours of all doors and windows and bar tables with RAL colours and possible glazing
  • Oil pre-treatment of houses (all sides) including floor and roof, without doors and windows, in natural, light oak or antique grey colour
  • Modular houses in various sizes (up to 300 x 400cm) in different roof forms
  • Modular houses in 3 different roof and 2 different wall formwork designs
  • All home kits without flooring (floor packs are optional accessories)
  • All doors and windows from the Zuluna programme are in principle possible.
  • Doors for the profile house programme at extra cost also for new modular homes
  • New to the programme: 2 internal sliding doors and 2 wall doors, closed (only suitable for modular homes).
  • Modular houses (walls, roof panels and roof overhangs on the outside, doors and windows on both sides) are optionally available in RAL colours or glazed.
  • Completely new wall construction: 1.) horizontal wall elements 2.) No vertical wall joints 3.) with diffusion-open façade panels and rear wall ventilation